What are girls impressed by?

First off, bear in mind I am only 16, so some suggestions may be out of my reach.

Basically, what kind of things impress girls, for example, how guys dress, skills they might have, etc. Just throw everything you can think of at me ladies!


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  • Im always impressed by a guy who is a gentleman. I mean I am impressed by guys who are good at music, sports, whatever. But not everyone has those talents, but anyone can be a gentleman. Just little things, holding open the door for a girl, telling her she looks nice, acting sincerely intersted in what she's sasying. Things like that always impress me. And the girl doesn't have to even be your girlfriend to do those things to. Even if you aren't funny or you have no sense of style or you can't play a sport you can be a gentleman, and that always impresses girls.


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  • Sense of humor! And not a stupid sense of humor but actually witty. Also, a good (similar, varied) taste in music is good, and dressing well (ok, MY idea of well anyway - think Urban Outfitters haha) is a plus too. Chivalry is nice. But just the general personality.

  • haaa(:

    keep in mind I'm one of those 'scene' girls,

    but I love guys who dress in skinny jeans and

    v neck shirts(;

    It doesn't take a lot to impress me, or any other girl..

    just some effort .

    Smile alot, Flirt, Kid around, If you can make a girl laugh

    you can get her to do just about... anything ..

    hehee .

    You don't need 'mad' skills, just be natural, and yourself .

    • I find it hard to make girls laugh, my sense of humour is kinda dry, but oh well I'll give it a shot

    • Try not to impress girls too much you'll have an easier time making girls laugh.

  • The major thing that impresses me is humor in a guy, along with witt. If a guy can keep up with my weird sense of humor, its impressive. Another thing that impresses me is a guy who can impress older women. If older women, like mothers or grandmothers, like him, he's probably a great guy. And animals, if a guy is constantly being attacked by parrots or something, its not so impressive, but if he can calm down my maniac of a poodle, he's impressed me. I'm easily impressed btw


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