Will my eyebrows fully grow back?

I'm a guy who naturally had a bit of a unibrow growing up.. so I would pluck that shit about once a month.. but lately I've noticed that I've actually been plucking it too far apart.. so I let it grow back in, and noticed that my eyebrow didn't grow back as dense as before.

Here are four pictures:

https://imgur (dot) com/NHPvaO6, d6CZaBS, jdFfmGU, ZEDJRxF#0

Do you think this is noticeable?

Anybody (probably girls, or guys with a unibrow problem like me) who normally pluck their eyebrows think it'll grow back normally? Or did I fk myself over for life?

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  • Sometimes it takes awhile


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  • for brows to grow back..use some castor oil which you can apply on your brows with the help of an old mascara wand/or a tiny brush..REALLY WORKS!

  • You would not believe how many times I've completely fucked my eye brows up but thankfully they do grow back haha. Usually I just get get brow pencil the color of my eye brows and pencil it in till it grows back which usually only takes about two weeks if that.


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