If they look too young....

I'm 4'11'' and almost 21 and people always think that I'm 15 or 16, and I'm still asked if I want a kid's menu lol. But, I do act very mature and I think my face looks 20 years old.

So, guys, if you see a girl that looks too young for you, will you not look at them because you don't want to seem creepy? It just gets on my nerves that just because I'm short people automatically think I'm young.

When I have the opportunity to talk someone, I always drop those kinds of hints, so they will know that I'm older. After they know my age, they treat me differently, especially guys. They are a lot more flirty, talkative, etc.


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  • I avoid females I think are too young all the time.

    Do you try to strike up a conversation with anyone? Maybe lace the conversation with facts that prove your age.

    Taking college classes, how much you hate traffic, commuting to work, etc.


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  • Looking younger than you really are will feel like a strain for 20 years and then it's a gift for the next 40.


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  • LOL. Guess what? I'm 4'11" too! I'm really short, I know, but you know what, I really don't think it's that bad at all. Sure, most guys prefer girls who are taller, but there are plenty of guys who like the short petite and cute girls.

    I wear a lot of heels so that helps. I also dress pretty preppy and would say that my style is also very classy. What you wear can influence what age people think you are. So since you're really short like me and don't want to appear to young, then I'd say stay away from clothes from American Eagle/Aeropostale and go for looks that are a bit older like Banana Republic or Ralph Lauren or JCrew even. Something that makes you appear more sophisticated and thus, older.

    • This is a good answer. Like I said after guys find out my age they are always a lot more responsive. And I only shop at places like J. Crew and BR and Polo and Saks and stuff, so I have an older classier look, but I am still mistaken sometimes for a 12 year old lol.

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