How to take care of permed hair?

I got a perm last week and was told to used perm friendly shampoo.
but I have allergies to most shampoos soaps and dies and have to use a herbal shampoo. is this ok?


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  • Yes, herbal shampoos and conditioners are okay. They might cause the perm to begin to fall out a bit earlier, but not by enough that it will be noticeable or even matter. Don't worry about it.

    • well, the perm is starting to fall out. ha
      Oh well I guess it will just be waves now.
      Good bye my lovey spirals. lol

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    • Well, if you shampooed your hair within the first 24 hours or so of getting the perm, that would be the reason why the curls have fallen out.

    • I waited a little bit more than 2 days like my stylist said.

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  • Wouldn't know my hair is very very naturally curly all I have to do is add water literally It does the rest.


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  • You could also go the "no poo" route and use a bit of baking soda fr shampoo and some diluted apple cider vinegar for conditioner (dn't worry, if you rinse it all out you don't smell all vinegary. It takes awhile for your hair to get used to it but once it does it'll be healthier than it's ever been. I've been doing it for a few months and it cleans your hair thoroughly and is very gentle on the hair. And it's cheap!

    (my boyfriend even agrees and he's a hairstylist! XP)


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