Would you say I have decent style?

I am just bored and curious would you say I have decent style I will put what I wear and stuff below.

Shirts are nice button downs, solid colored T-shirts vintage plaid shirts both long and short sleeved and nice long sleeved shirts. Colors are navy, grey, white, black, maroon, forest green and brown I also own some very nice vintage ocean pacific shirts.

Jackets brown leather jackets I also own a few WWII pilot jackets with the pinup girls on the back. Also have some nice wool jackets which are black and grey.

Nice pairs of jeans blue well fitted.

Deseret boots and nice sneakers.

Several brown leather belts and some knotted belts with steel or silver belt buckets.

Jewelry I have several pieces I wear I have a one of a kind 14k gold ring with a single medium sized diamond that I wear it was my grandfathers. I also wear a stainless steel quartz gold ringed analog pulsar watch with a stainless steel doubled gold stripped band it is over 20 years old and also was my grandfathers I also have a simple gold pocket watch I wear in place of my wrist watch. I am also having a custom ring made that my father wore which is a solid gold ring in the shape of a lions head with a diamond for each eye.

I own several scarfs for colder weather usually navy, brown, grey and black.

And I own a double breasted suit custom fit and several sports jackets and my grandfathers really nice vintage jacket. I have several pair of vintage gold cufflinks from the 50s-70s era as well as tie clips from that time that go with my suit.

cologne I wear is the original 1937 old spice and drakkar noir.

I also own several pairs of sweats and workout cloths.

That about sums up my style let me know what you think.
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  • wow. from what I can tell, at least from your profile, you seem like an AWESOME guy!! ANY girl would be so lucky to have you. I personally like your style! I love the vintage look. LOVE IT!! You have a good sense of style


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  • your wool jackets and leather jackets sound very nice

    • They are the pilot jackets were expensive but worth it though they are quite something to look at.

  • The most recognizable role for cufflinks is as the formal and semiformal alternative to buttons. If you're wearing a suit with a white tie or black tie outfit properly, and often studs instead of buttons on the shirtfront as well then I suggest you visit J. Ciro Designs online store.

  • Wow you have a really great sense of style! Its very unique (in a good way) which makes you stand out from the common guys. Any girl will be extremely lucky to be with you!! by the way your really cute :)

  • Kind of boring...I would try out some men's v-necks, printed mens tanks, slim cut jeans, etc. Pacsun.com has a lot of clothes that would be flattering on you

    • Lol I think y'all misunderstood I am not going to change my look or anything I was just bored and posted it for the heck of it was just curious. I have my own more flashy cloths I guess you could call em a lot of vintage ocean pacific shirts from the 70s and 80s wicked cool designs that look painted and they fade into the shirts. I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans but I never wear em I prefer versatility over anything else I can't run, bend over or work very well in them not good work cloths uncomfortable to. And for us in kansas simple and boring is what works for us chicks here wear same stuff to course they are usually fishing or something.

      Thanks for the reply

    • Oh okay..

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