Is/was your date/gf/bf bad at dressing? did you care? why do you care so much, if they are wearing decent clothes what is the big deal?

I just don't understand why society puts such a big deal on clothing. do you want your guy te wear a shirt that says nothing about him minus the way that they dress. sure certain situations like weddings call for certain clothing, but going out on the town, why should a person be who they are? I would love a girl who looked clean and acted normal to wear a shirt depicting music that she liked, because then I would know that I could start somewhere with the conversation or I could interest her with my knowledge of music and we'd have something to connect with. or if they liked a certain sport, or they have a shirt depicting something that really means something to them.

why does everybody want their date/bf/gf to be so plain and boring. "hey look at this nice shirt I got...wooooooh it has a pattern... seriously why don't people want to be different and show what they really feel.

as a guy I absolutely hate dress shirts, they are so uncomfortable.

would you not date somebody because they didn't wear the latest fashion or dress a certain way?

sure this may be a bit immature, but I think that this is a thing that people go a little overboard on.


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  • i dont care. clothes are just meant to keep you warm. some do make you look good...but i wouldn't blame you for not spending more money on a shirt that looks better. i sure as heck wouldn't wear something thats overpriced and isn't even comfty.
    i like my animal tshirts. its adorable and soft as heck. i dont care if i look like a kid, i like it. no one tells me to change, they just buy me more cute stuff. i have a drawer full of onsies bc of them

    • that's awesome, do you have a link to these shirts? I just want to see what they look like

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    • i mean really...if i had that elephant shirt, id flail that arm and flick water at everyone haha aawesomee

    • people might hate you for that lol, especially those people wearing nice clothes lol

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  • My boyfriend is incredibly snazzy with his outfits. And...then there's me. He's lucky if I get out of bed or brush my hair before he gets to my house.

    I'm always in a t-shirt and jeans and they're not even GOOD clothes lol. He makes this huge deal if I dress up and I'm just like, "Yeah...can I put my comfy clothes on now?"

  • If he dressed badly we probably wouldn't have started dating. For the exception i'd probably just start taking him shopping and buying clothes we both like on him (not that i'd let him know i'm switching up his style).
    Acceptable style, basically nice tops, and jeans:
    At the same time it sort of scares me to date a guy who dresses better than I do, and i'm pretty fashionable. Just not hyper fashion mostly because I don't spend all my money on clothes. I prefer to save my best for special occasions like dates, trips events etc. I would never go out in a tracksuit/hoodie/just a printed top and feel comfortable, there is always some amount of effort.
    Good style:
    Too much style:

    • the first style is ok, probably close to what I would dress like, the second website is a bit off the wall, which isn't too bad sometimes, but too much for myself. tit's like concert clothing maybe

      and the last page, yeah I don't think I could wear that, also the hair is ugly on all the guys. the girls look pretty good though, especially in the first one, jus kind of laid back and simple

    • If you dress like the first then you're fine, that's what i'd fix a guy up to if he dressed badly.

  • No, he is a better dresser than me. Sometimes I`ll be wearing something and he will tell me to change clothes lol.

    • I hate when my sisters tell me that, or my...mother

  • I put effort into my appearance and I like a partner who does the same to some extent. That doesn't mean a suit and tie (or brand names, or anything like that), but a nice fitted pair of jeans and a fitted tshirt. That doesn't mean it can't express who you are.

    My boyfriend wears really cool graphic tees that are definitely relevant to his personality. I love that. He also thinks the way I dress reflects my personality.

  • Thats good :) As long as you don't judge who you are with based on how they dress. Honestly Im lazy and uncomfortable with my appearance so I wear the whole band/nice sweatshirts and leggings thing a lot, so I'm really not going to judge someone based on their style. I mean don't wear a white t shirt with stains on it with sweatpants everywhere, you'll find a girl who appreciates your comfort. :)

  • I would care , for christ's sake i don't want to date a slob

    • im not saying slob here, a t shirt can be nice, if it is still new and washed and kept fresh, when it gets old then you just wear it at home or whatever, but a t-shirt and decent pants can look good can they not? even for a big night out? maybe not something that is meant to be special, but something that is just meant to be fun and a good time.

    • I don't date but i always make sure to look nice

  • I always look at how the guy dresses. I usually fall for guys that dress conservative, but that's just because they usually are my type. Anyways I can still fall for a guy that dresses differently, there are so many other important things.

  • i dress casually and i prefer a guy to dress casually. clothes are the way the people express themselves and they say something about a person like what kind of music is he into for example. i wouldn't like a guy that's a fashionista or all dressed up because i don't want to date brad pitt or someone like that. and i agree with you, people pay WAY TOO MUCH attention on clothes. sometimes it matters because we tend to find who seems similar to us, but that's all, at least for me


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