I've decided to look 21. Help?

I am 20 currently. I will be 21 in July. And I have decided that I want to look 21. I look really young though. Without makeup I look like I'm 14 max - most people think I'm 10-12. With makeup I look 16.

I literally get asked if I'm excited for my last year of middle school. I'm a junior in college -_-

So. I have decided to try to look my age now.

Only problem being, aside, of course, from looking 16 when I dress up, I don't really own any "adult clothes." I mean, I do, but when I wear them I never seem to be able to pull off the adult look. I flawlessly pull off the I'm-a-kid-playing-dress-up look though :p

Any tips on how to make myself look my age?

I understand that looking younger will be good in the future but the future isn't now. I would like to be approached by guys in their 20's, not my 12 year old brothers' friends or the creepy HS freshman boy who just moved in down the street. And apparently I look SO young that guys my age don't even think to approach me. Like, at all.

I approached one guy once and after having to explain to him (and show him ID) that I was 20, he still said, "I'm sorry. You're nice and all, but I just can't date someone who looks so young. It'd make me feel like a pedophile.

So. Any tips would be appreciated. Hair styles, make up tips, outfits...anything. I want to join the adult world now once and for all and look like I belong as opposed to just pretending.

Of course, it doesn't help that I'm petite (really small bust, really thin) and apparently my eyes look young, whatever that means.

Anyway, any tips would be awesome. Oh and links to pictures of what you're talking about would be good.

I have thin blonde shoulder length hair if you want to give hair style ideas.


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  • I didn't know there was looking a 21. I'm 22 I can go either way in looking my age or looking way younger. Quite a few people think I'm 16/17 as well. When I'm out like clubbing or something I've literally heard people say "yo what's that kid doing in here with the booty shorts, isn't it late for her?" Then I'm like "no shit Sherlock I'm 22." Then some people just assume I'm of a reasonable older age. I don't think there really are any tips. Be happy you take longer to age than most people and depending on establishments you can squeeze yourself in on those age discount deals, at say a 6 flags or somewhere.


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  • it has been foretold that you shall look 21 when you turn 21. Seriously though, there is no special look to turning 21.

    • The point is I want to look my age. Not like a 10 year old -_-

    • if thats how you look you can't really change that, i dont look good, ok, but not good and there's nothing i can do. we all look the way we look, you can change it a bit with makeup but not much.

  • This might sound weird, but I sort of like girls that look younger

    • Yeah but THAT much younger? I'd understand 16 but 10?

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    • She did wear things from hollister, but they didn't look teeny. She wore a lot of rompers, sun dresses, nice shirts. Its hard for me to remember what I wore yesterday so a girl I dated a year ago could take some serious meditation

    • I think that should usually tell your age pretty quickly, and I'm sure you could meet a guy in his 20s that isn't put off by this

  • I find that for girls in their late teens early 20s, "looking your age" is less about the clothes you wear and more about what your body looks like. Especially if you're being mistaken for pre-high school, that's only going to happen if you lack curves. Your body is your body though, so I guess that means wearing clothes that give the illusion of boobs, butt and hips with a small waist.


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  • Changing your hairstyle is the best thing you can do. I don't know what your hair looks like now, but maybe go to your hairstylist and tell him/her you want something more sophisticated/grownup.

  • My sister has the same problem. She looks 10 years younger and constantly gets carded even though she recently turned thirty.

    What works for her is this: nice fitting jeans + cute top + cardigan/blazer/peacoat. Layering basically. A cute top would be like this one - www.jshoppers.com/shohin.asp

    Go light on the make up and accessories.

  • have a french roll bun
    light make up
    don't dress like a teen would normally do