Do you assume an attractive girl has a bf and guys don't approach you?

A lot of people tell me If I have a boyfriend or if a lot of guys are after me we'll some people have but I really don't and I get this a lot!
Actually a lot of guys don't come up to me except maybe in fb or ig but I don't know why


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  • I honestly wanna know this questions! But from my view. I honestly think it depends on the guy. But most guys now I think want the girl to go aftwr then cuz " guys too have feeling " im more old fashion so I dont believe that girls should ask the guy out. But whatever its 2014 and I guess both male and female now are equal. I believe men should mainly be the dominant one like sweeping off mt feet et. Etc. Ill do that too but he has to start it. Guys are like " I have a high guard so I try not to be heartbroken again" but that is an excuse all to its self. So honestly I think it depends on the guy. It does take A LOT for the guy to ask a girl now a days I think cuz girls now are hoes like 80% so the chances of a guy getting rejected and feeling that unwanted pain is greater so they aviod approching the girl. ... that's my phenomenalogical view

    • They are afraid of rejection

    • Yeah just like we are. But if we both are afraid we jusr built our own wall ti aviod everyone basically I just fwel like 90% the guys should approach the female

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  • I'm not really sure what you're asking...are you asking "If a girl is really attractive do you think she has a BF and won't approach her"?

    Not necessarily, but you have to understand that a lot of guys are intimidated by good looking women.

    • Soo if guys are intimidated by good looking women...that guy would never go after her and ask her out?

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    • I know what you mean. Sometimes when they talk to me the guys that do only approch sexyally cuz they misinterpret whi I am. They only judge by looks. And okay I am attractive and I have asspects of myself that guys like. But I dont show it off drastically, I don't do those hoe-ish actions. I did only to my bfs. But guys either are afraid to talk to me. OR they hmu cuz they ar honry and assume that all attractive/hot girls suck and blow dick. I its agitating

    • Well just let it be known that overall, attractive women have different problems from unattractive ones, but overall you still are ahead of the game.

  • well to me, if I see someone really beautiful, I won't approach them, but off late, I approach no one, I think the older I get, rejection is more stinging

  • Yeah I've done this. What I think is worse is feeling intimidated by women I'm attracted to.

    • Is that why guys maybe won't approach me cause they do stare at me even when I'm not well dressed or sometimes even don't have any makeup on? They all get at me on fb / ig not real life

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