Whats the best way to wear a buzz?

Hi everyone, due to my hairline heading for the hills and my fear of becoming combover guy, I've buzzed my head. I generally wear a 3 on top and 2 on the back and sides. However I'm wondering if maybe it's best to just bite the bullet and just get a number 2 all over. What do girls prefer?


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  • All I know is that buzzed is hot. As short as possible. LOVE!

    • Thanks for answer! It's freshly shaved today

    • Np. I'm sure it looks great. Thanks for MH :)

    • Your welcome ;) thanks for the confidence

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  • Most girls don't know what a 3 or a 2 are. All i know is that a 3 is slightly longer. I'd go bald some men are still hot bald like p*rn star Johnny sins

  • it all depends on wear your hairline is at, but if you are trying to hold onto something that's basically gone; just shave it off


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