Any girls here that cut their own HAIR?

I would like to know what is the best way to cut some layers around my face. Do you know of a good video that can show me step by step?

I have cut mine before but just a few inches off the ends. I put it in low pig tails and cut straight across.


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  • I'm actually a cosmetologist! Doing a pony tail and cutting it up wards does the trick but I would look at you give videos they are really helpful. If you want layers buy a razor for cutting hair just cut it down ward that's what I do.

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    • I don't know if where you live you have Sally's beauty supply but you can find them there. If you google hair razor blade you will know what I'm talking about you are welcome

    • yes I have a Sally's here. I like to experiment with my hair. I hope i dont make it look bad.

  • I did, once. I followed some YouTube beauty guru how she cut her hair to a V-shape. It worked, but I made a huge mess at home, and the left side is slightly longer than the right side.

  • I tried once didn't go very well. Ended up with a flat top.

  • YouTube offers a lot of great videos.


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