Hating my body type right now?

*Sigh* Oh, It's this... I see.
But for serious my hourglass figure is giving me problems!

My Mom is what people call a "Bombshell" and she never forgets to remind me when she was my age she competed in pageants (15)

Quite unfortunately, 99% of my appearance comes from her, and it is NOT helping my personality

I have an hourglass figure, a C cup, shiny blonde hair and a crazy pair of eyes (The one thing I didn't inherit) I call them crazy because my left eye is gray and my right eye is blue.

But what's so bad about this? most girls are asking, shaking their monitors.

I'm a hardcore Gamer, and my appearance really doesn't reflect that.
I've always fit more into the guy crowd, because all the other girls I know, all they want to do is take a cab somewhere and go shopping on the weekend, which is something I hate. My idea of a good time is ordering pizza and playing speed-runs with my guy buddies.

I have a feud with my Mom about this, she hates the fact that my wardrobe consists of blue, aqua, green and black. She wants me to live on HER dream of modeling which I take no interest in...

Please give me some advice how I can settle this with my mom and how to make the best of my appearance
I truly felt girly, it's stereotype, and its my fault for thinking that. I'll go shopping with her once or twice a month and put some purple into my wardrobe. Thanks everybody!


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  • Why can't you look that way and be a gammer girl? You shouldn't hate your the way you look for that sole reason. A friend of mime was in the same situation with his mom, he was able to wear her down, but I have a feeling that isn't going to work for you. You still haveto live with your mother for a few years so your best option would be to placate her. Dress like a preppy, girly-girl one day a week. Say yes to shopping with your mom 1 out of 4 times. These acts of pacification will make her feel good, and will most likely cause her to decrease the ferosoity with which she tries to change you. She will believe you ate starting to fall into her vision as you mature, and will believe that in time you will become her ideal daughter. Don't try to change your appearance, their is no specific body type for a gammer, although I'm not a huge gammer, I know people who are, most play varsity sports, one or two are fat, and some are just normal. You sound extremely beautiful, I even like the mismatched eyes (I'm weird that way), don't try to loose that because your mother. Buck-up kiddo its only a for a few more years. Good luck Sweetheart :)

    • The others are saying to just try and explain your feelings to your mother. Let's be honest, this,"real good, feel good", crap doesn't work most of the time. Besides, I'm sure you've already tried that.

    • I have... Thanks man! I just really felt too girly-ish to be a gamer, but I guess there isn't any criteria!

    • You're welcome Sweetheart. Glad to have helped. :)

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  • tell who you are who you have become and there is no way to change that now, and there is no real "Gamer" look because anyone can play videogames. Oh, and what games do you play, and ps3 or xbox?

    • I play xBox for Microsoft exclusive games, but the games I play the most are usually from Nintendo :)

    • Same here, except not so much nintendo anymore. but i also play ps3 for there exclusives. Have you been getting there games for gold on xbox?

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  • You don't have to look a certain way in order to be a gamer girl? All you have to do is play games... that's what makes you a gamer, not your looks.
    Second, you don't have to model BUT you could always compromise with your mom. MrBond summed it up pretty well so I won't go into detail.

    • I'm quite the gamer myself, and look at me. I'm a total girly girl. So just try be happy with how you look. :)

  • Are u happy with the way u look and they way u choose to present urself? If so then it doesn't really matter what anyone else's thinks.

    As far as mom goes. Explain to her that u respect what she did when she was younger and glad that it made her happy, but if she didn't like her parents trying to pursued her into something than y is she trying to do it to u? She's having a hard time understanding (like most older people do) why our younger generation are hooked on electronics, and well that's just the age we live in. At least ur not hooked on drugs or something that's harmful/detrimental to ur health. Just ask her to enjoy ur youth bc it flies by quickly and she'll regret trying to make u do something u don't want to, ultimately and effectively pushing u away and making u withdraw even more.
    Best of luck hun

  • Chop off most of your hair or dye it. Get a tattoo that isn't girly

  • I think you are super cool!!


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