which swimsuit top looks better for 'A cup' girls?

hi im looking to get either of these two swimsuits from my local store soon but im unsure which would look better on me. i hav a cups but theyre quite full for such small breasts.

im not allowed to try them on (even over clothes) as you're not allowed in the changing rooms with them due to hygeine so i can't see for myself unless i buy them and theyre not returnable due to the same reasons

A. thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/.../261444911521_1.jpg

B. thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/.../261444906867_1.jpg
  • halterneck top
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  • bandeau top
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  • Choice A is made to accentuate big boobs. So the obvious choice is B

    • thanks! I've always played it safe and gone for full swimsuits so i have no fashion sense when it comes to this. i honestly thought a halter could also help you cover up having small boobs slightly more like a crop top.

      i just dont want to look stupid at the beach, im not looking for ways to show off my chest or anything (forgot to mention that lol)

    • Well i think the style you picked is unique and fashionable. good job

  • The second one would look better, the first one would fit a girl with fuller breast and the second one looks cute, better for smaller to medium breasts.

  • Choice B of those but I'd look for something triangle shaped...A cups are hot, you don't have to cover them up.

  • I feel you girl


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