Why do people always talk in extremes when it comes to weight and sizes?

This is in reference to women. It always seems like people discuss those who are really skinny (size 4 and below) or larger (size 10 and up). What about the women who are between the sizes of 4 and 10? Why are they never represented in the media or fashion? Why does it seem like you either have to be supper skinny or curvy to be considered attractive? When do the inbetweeners get some love and recognition?


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  • Because society's viewpoint on attractiveness is skewed. Everyone thinks I'm super skinny but I'm a size 9. I have little to know curves, even though I'm considered a "larger size." Confidence is what makes you truly attractive. Work what you've got and love yourself!


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  • I have my eye on girls that are in between. They are much more proportioned and sexy.


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