Why don't many guys choose personality over looks?

I'm only 17 but it seems like every guy I've known obsesses over a girls look... What about the personality? I know its normal for guys to naturally want to be with a hot girl lol but isn't there ever a time where one will just take the time to get to know someone just for who they are on the inside?Sorry If that sounds a bit cliche..


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  • This is going to be long, so bare with me on this...

    It is true that first attraction is physical. You have to know if the girl takes care of herself, and cares about herself. I'm not saying that you have to spend hours in the bathroom, and cake on a couple of pounds of makeup(I hate too much makeup). Nor am I saying that a girl that wears no makeup isn't attractive, I'm just saying show that you care somewhat about your appearance.

    The first thing I look at physically is the face. I'm just drawn to a girls eyes.

    But beyond the initial physical attraction, I go for personality. Is she witty, does she have a sense of humor, can she keep up, is she interesting, happy, etc.

    I also think there has to be some sort of connection, like a common interest, or the same sense of humor, or something.

    And It's not a cliche to expect a guy to get to know a girl. It should be that way, but I think the media has corrupt the youths views, and values. You have to look, and act a certain way, or you won't be accepted or liked. The "loser" if you will. You have to be the preppy, popular girl to go anywhere. You can't be yourself, you can't show individuality, you have to conform to what is "in".

    So yes, I look for physical attraction at first, to see if she cares about herself. But after that I value personality. There is nothing more sexy than a great personality in my mind.

    Even if I'm not looking for a potential partner, I still look for a good personality. I like to get to know people for who they are, and not what they are expected to be by their social status.

    So really, not all guys are the same. There are guys that value women for more than physical attributes. This usually happens later in life, because people tend to be more mature, and know what they want later in life. And what you should want is a relationship built on more than physical attraction.

    Hope this helps!


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  • well it depends on how old you are

    and since ur only 17 and guys at that age are mostly immature and

    just want some arm candy (just like girls) and want to brag about their girlfriend

    to their buddies and say man I got this hot ass girl as my girlfriend and we do everything

    but I'm not saying ALL guys are like that

    some are just not all


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  • Because guys think with hormones than brains :P

    • I was watching parental control and one girl answered to "why are girls better then guys?" and she answered

      "because we don't think with our penis head but women think with their head"

  • I'd like to say yes, eventually guys start to care more about a girl's personality...but unfortunately, men will always go gaga over a hot girl, no matter what age they are at. Of course, older guys tend to be more mature and they do start to look for more than just looks...but once they get older they want someone BOTH hot and smart...so I guess personality becomes equally important to them at a certain age, however the emphasis on looks never goes away.

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