Is there distance between us?

I just wanted to know if he getting distance toward me. We barely talk like we used to. Sometimes rarely don't respond to my text. Even if he felt frustrated, he would always come to me to vent or express his feelings. I can hear in his voice something wrong but I get one word answers. So I leave it alone never push. I always avoid questions or topics. We tried to do something on my part couldn't feel right. Is he interested in another girl? My friends told me ways to trap or play games so he would miss me and want more. It not my style. If a guy wanted more than he would want it. I try not to be around him all the time so I would it wouldn't cause conflict or I'm up on him. Also sometimes he make comments like I'm talking to another guy or I'm a player. Like I would go to him when things don't go right with a guy. That not true. I know I haven't talk to anyone so I ask him once he always accusing usually it the other way around. Right? Leave it alone or tell him?


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  • I think that you should tell him.


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