Guys! Do you go to the club every week or every other week?

Question for guys...

Do you go to club with your male friends every week or every other week? or may be drink...

I met this guy and dating a couple months now.

He is 30 and his best friend is 26. They love to drink and go to club a few times a month.

..I didn't meet this guy at club though...

Just curious.. why do you go to club so often? Just have a fun or may be if you have any chance to meet girls?

I really like this guy and talk with him everyday. He tells me what is going on and we meet once or twice a week but he still going to club and drink...

He is so friendly and attractive guys(by my friends said too).

Does he still looking for any girls to meet or just having fun?

Oh, he told me he goes to club, always dance with girls and drinks..

I should not be serious this type of guy?

..BTW we met online date and he quite after we met each other. He told me he doesn't need to look for anyone anymore cus he met me... I'm still not sure I could give him trust or not?


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  • i don't like clubs I have 4 jobs I don't have time. I just don't get why people like it you can have a great time home with friends and stay out of trouble like fights and drama come on people bars are over rated ther not cool they suck in my bok sorry to say :)

  • Personally I got to clubs/bars to have fun, socialise and meet women. It doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to clubs to meet women. I think you should just talk to him about it and where you're at with your relationship. It seems like you're unclear with where you stand.

    Whether you decide to trust him or not is a judgment really only you can make. There's too many factors.


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