Should/ can I return these pants to Ross?

Okay so i bought some slacks yesterday and they are 75% rayon and some nylon and spandex, and i washed and dried them on cool but did a touch up on warm when the clothes were quite dry and they SHRUNK. enough to look weird, like you can nearly see my ankles. I bought them in a size 3 because the size 5 was a bit large. I read some "unshrink" articles on eHow, but am wondering if i should leave it alone and return them and get the size 5... Which one is the better option here? And on Ross's website it says they take "unused, unworn unaltered clothes" back and refund you, what if they are washed? thanks :)
Alright, I got them returned and they actually had sold the size 5 apparently, so i was almost in tears running around the store trying to find some other pants, and ended up finding a size 5 on some obscure endcap thing in another section. Thanks!


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  • If they're defective and you have the receipt, Ross should take them back even after being washed.


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  • customer service and see what they say about it.


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