Do you actually think high heels are attractive?

I have never though high heels are at all attractive. They just look really awkward and unnatural to me. Am I the only guy in the world who thinks this way? Do you girls like wearing high heels? Or do you do it because you think it is expected?

  • High heels are almost always very attractive.
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  • They look great but only in formal occasions.
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  • Either way, I don't really care
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  • High heels are almost never attractive
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  • I love high heels for different reasons. I like how they give me height (I'm very short), and I love the way they sound on a hardwood or tile floor (it's weird I know). I do think some styles are cute while others are atrocious.


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  • I love wearing heels. They make me feel feminine and like I've made an effort with my appearance, which is not something I do just for other people. I enjoy taking the time to dress nicely. I also often love the shoes themselves. And they are fun to dance in, and they make a great noise when you walk.

    That said, there are some truly hideous high heels out there and a girl MUST BE ABLE TO WALK IN THEM. And that takes practice, you can't just slip on a pair of 5 inch heels and be on your way if you're not used to them. There are few items of clothing that can look more awkward that a pair of ill-fitting heels that you can't walk in.

  • i think girls like them because they tend to make you look a bit thinner and they make you work straighter... but personally I hate them... if I'm going to a meeting or interview I'll wear them because they help my posture... but otherwise I don't see the point... sometimes they tend to look slutty.

  • I'm only 5'2 and I still don't care for high heels anymore. I'd rather feel comfortable and if a guy doesn't like me just because I'm too short then that's his problem...though I don't even think about getting involved with guys over 5'11 anyways...usually they end up being 5'8 or shorter.

  • Im not a heels girl...but even if I was...they don't make a woman sexy...the way a woman carries herself does.

  • They are so attractive they let a girls curves show more and let them be thinner and sexxxy



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