Ladies what do you think about a guy with a big ass?

So yea today when I was at the gym I looked at my side view in the mirror and noticed that my ass was sticking out like a bubble butt.Im not fat I'm actually starting to see my abs more but I do squats front squat lunges and so on.also I stand up straight and not like donald duck.I've noticed some girl checking it out all obvious special when I have to do exercises that I have to bend over.dam now I know what girls feel.anyway what do girls think or feel when you see a guy with a big butt.


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  • I don't care as long as its not bigger than mine.

  • Honestly, when men just walk around, I don't notice. I see it, but it doesn't register really as good, or bad whatever pelvis area looks like. Even guys with large hips, not just ass. I just don't have a need for that area to be thin/flat.
    The main things on a man's body my eyes fall on are his shoulders, neck, chest and upper arms. Rest I don't focus on that much.

    But when I watch p*rn, I find men who have bigger hips/ass seem larger somehow, on top of a girl they are having sex with. So I like seeing guys like that if I'm watching p*rn.


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