Perfect girl/guy?

What is your perfect girl or guy like?

Mines funny, smart, cute/handsome and WEIRD!

what about yours?


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  • mine would be ... a great personality, smart. funny, cute, responsible, out going, respectful, adn honest.


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  • face/skin - megan fox
    body - holly weber
    voice - skylar grey
    personality - cara delevingne


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  • I like a guy that has a creative mind

    Can see a spark of good in everybody

    A good people person-can basically get along with anyone, so I don't have to worry about my friends, family, etc. liking him or not

    I can make him laugh, and he can make me laugh as equally as hard

    We find ourselves finishing each others sentences

    He is a good listener, and can even remember little details about me that most people would forget

    He compliments me, and I know it is sincere-he doesn't just tell me that I look pretty, but he tells me things he likes about my personality and things that make me unique.

    He puts his cell phone aside when he is hanging out with me

    He does cute little things randomly-like sending me a pic message of a beautiful sunrise on the lake

    He knows how to take care of himself, and is mostly independent-he knows about cars, he knows a thing or two about cooking,etc. I feel protected when I am with him, and he understands the value of the dollar, and earns things for himself.

    He has goals, and he sticks with them

    He has good hygiene, and he always smells of cologne-but never over does it!

    He is on time to meet me

    Sometimes he will just call me to hear my voice, or wish me good night

    His friends are always telling me he won't shutup about me

    He doesn't care if I switch to a cheesy girly show, and he will put up with it for a little bit to be with me

    He will accept my flaws, and be willing to understand I am not perfect.

    He is giving in the bedroom, and I repay him for this.

    He never stops doing all these amazing things after we have been together for a while, but continues to do them because he wants to, and cares about me!

  • my perfect guy is humorous and caring.

    as long as he's got two eyes and pretty much looks normal.

    i don't mind a average guy, as long as he's a nice guy.

    a little bit of abs won't hurt either ;)

  • My perfect guy would have...a great smile and nice eyes. He'd be able to make me laugh really hard, he'd know how to cheer me up when I'm upset and he'd be respectful to my friends and my family. He would understand my fears and my quirks! Lol. And he'd be honest and trust me.

  • Mesmerizing eyes, bright smile, good sense of style, smells good, fit body. (physical aspect)

    Funny, witty, intelligent, sociable, sensitive, responsible and wise. (character aspect)

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