Girls how to get rid of facial hair?

Girls any way to get rid of facial hair and is it true if u wax more will grow?

I don't have a lot but either way I don't want it :o


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  • I'm Hispanic , and for some wonderful reason , us Hispanic women tend to have more hair. And darker hair to make things worse. What I use for my facial hair is Nair ! It works PERFECT. I don't like pain , so using this works great for me. I've heard waxing actually thins your hair out though.
    I suggest nair though , you can find it in the shaving section at like Walmart/target. Make sure it's the nair specifically for facial hair.

    • How much is it? It won't burn cause I tried it for my legs and it was burning!

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    • I have sensitive skin that's why

    • Me too ! But it doesn't hurt me. I think there's a sensitive formula for the face nair though , try it out , if not I don't think waxing is a problem :)

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  • You will not grow "more" of anything based on how you remove it. Anyway just laser it off.


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