Does this picture of me look alright? I always feel like I take weird self pictures?

If I smile or whatever it always just looks awkward. If I don't smile my face always looks mad or like I want to kill someone. It's a never ending cycle.

Does it look alright?

Also, does anyone else have this problem? Out of curiosity.


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  • How bout posting a picture of you smiling? Then we can tell you which one looks better: a smile or no smile. Most people look better with a smile, unless your gums are all showing or something.

    • Oh no, I can guarantee you that me smiling would not be an improvement.I feel so unnatural smiling at a camera, I feel awkward, and it shows.

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  • I definitely don't think you look murderous! Haha. :)

    But I personally think you'd look even cuter with a little smile.

    • Thanks lol. Not looking murderous is often a good thing.

    • you're welcome ;) it is ALWAYS a good thing to not look murderous. :p

  • You look confused lol. Is that your "sexy face"? Cause it could use some work

    • I do not think I have a "sexy face" in my repitour of faces.

      I have happy, laughing, confused (this is the majority of the time), and the most rare, mad.

      If someone asked me to make a sexy face I would literally refuse to even try.

    • Yea, i always try and take sexy face pics, and i just look drunk or something, so i end up giving up

  • ummm looks like you took about 20 pictures before you got one good one since it seems so posed-ish with the angle of your face lol. I mean, you don't need to smile. There has been a correlation for guys who don't smile that look more attractive, while females who do smile/coy look more attractive. this is one sample read on it:

  • Maybe try tilting your head at a less downward angle? Looking out from a downward tilt either looks docile or evil, haha.

    • Well that's not something I thought about, no idea why. I will avoid the downward angle from now on, thanks.

    • selfies are tough! :)

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