I have a weird natural hair color its like a light brown/ golden blond with red highlights. the best way to describe it is "honey pecan" colored. Its VERY thick and slightly wavy. I can not decide whether or not to cut it off like this photo:


or to grow it to my waist with layers and side bangs.

i have a photo under the profile thing...
oh yah and I have medium pale skin with light freckles across my cheekbones and nose. I have an oval face with a slightly longer forehead. I have green-hazel eyes (if that matters) and I'm average to thin and 5' 8" (idk what matters)


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  • ya the picture on the link has a sexy hairstyle. She has got what I would consider long hair and its wavy so its nice.

    Do not grow it beyond the length of your breasts. After that it looks like a hippy not to mention its probably harder to care for it.

    Also don't cut it shorter than the bottom of your neck. Anything shorter than that is unattractive


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  • Personally I'd grow it out and put some layers in it. I also have thick hair and when it was short it was a b*tch to maintain. It would get poofy or not straighten at all somedays. At least with longer hair you can throw it up in a ponytail at least. Have your hair dresser thin it out a bit.

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