Question for girls 18-24 or in that age range?

Have any of you girls noticed your breasts getting wider, as in further apart? I know that over time gravity and age take a toll on our breasts, but i just recently turned 21, so i'm barely out of my teenage years and i'm already noticing my breasts dont look like they used to. I feel like they used to be very close together and it was easy to create cleavage, but now i feel like they are getting further apart and are wide set making it very difficult to get cleavage unless i go to extremes to push them together. Anyone else ever had this happen to them?


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  • make sure to almost always wear your bra? so they get the proper support etc.

    • What sucks is that now there have been studies proving just the opposite, so you don't know what is actually going to help, and whats going to harm. Some people say keep them supported at all times to prevent sagging and such, and other people say if you never let them free, it won't work the muscles, and the muscles will go weak and lose their elasticity and then you're breasts will be even saggier. Decisions, decisions. :/

    • look at some African tribal woman. they don't even cover the top. their boobs are all out of shape. However... most women in our society have nice round ones.

    • doing pushups helps them make look bigger because it pusehes out the chest muscles underneath... you can try doing pushups although i don't know if that will help them from not sagging.

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  • Heck, I'm a teenager and my C-cups are in my dang armpits. I don't even wanna know what they're going to look like when I'm 20.


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  • yeah i noticed that my boobs got bigger i mean the shirts i used to wear last year...i'm unable to button up when its to the level of my boobies..

  • No, my boobs haven't really changed in the last 5 years.

    Have you had any drastic weight gain/loss or anything?

    • Yes, my weight yo-yos. But, i was always under the impression that weight fluctuation would cause sagging, i've never heard anything about them spreading farther apart, you know?

    • Maybe it's just causing a change in shape? I mean boobs are essentially mounds of fat, so it makes sense that they could move around a bit lol

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