Am i trendsetter? And is thia girl jealous? (Help)

So at school we had like a whole week each having a theme. I decided to turn a lei into a floral crown headband and wear it to school. This girl said in a bad attitude "dont you look good" and the next day a lot of girls wearing wearing floral crowns. I felt teally good even a girl texted me asking if she could borrow mine. I took this gorgeous brown maxi dress, very pretty and that same girl with bad attitude was like being bitchy and sayong you look old in that and i was like thanks and she was like i can't describe it. Then when i was looking at myself in front of the mirror she tood in front and was saying to herself "i look hot in this" and her outfit was horrible, tight that she looked desperate and she told her friend i dont have a butt , its funny because i do jave a butt maybe thats why she was mad I don't know she was being bitchy to me


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  • Just keep doing what you're doing, and give her a prompt, sarcastic, response. If she gets pissy with you casually say," that's fantastic", or, " good for you", or something along the same lines. She is being a b because she's jealous of your success. Pay her no mind sweetheart, keep up the good work. The best thing you can do to make her miserable is to be happy, and prosperous.


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  • She wants to push you off the top of that mountain so others will make her queen, for lack of a better (or more intimidating) choice

    • How can i deal with her? Like i could so tell that she was trying to being me down and i waa nice about it, then i asked im it was cold outside ans he waa like I don't know im not outside bitch. O just ledt and sisnt tell her anything. Everytime she sees me she glares at me

  • Totally sounds like it.

    • The trendsetting part or both

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  • Are you a trendsetter? No. If you had numerous accounts of your styles catching on, I'd be inclined to say otherwise. However, you give us one example, of something that has already been done, it's not like you're the first girl to ever wear flowers on your head.

    Is she jealous? Sounds like it. Does it matter? No. Do you make yourself look REALLY superficial by talking about it like this? Yes. I'd knock that off if I were you, it's very unbecoming. Be humble for what you've been given.

    • Actually i just gave one example of the many, I've noticed if i ever wore a certain hair accessory it would catch on etc. People come up to me an ask me to do their hair or makeup. If i were so conceited and wanted to be the center of everything i would say no but since i am nice and humble i always help people out. Maybe it haS veen done but in runways etc no in a private school. I was the first one there to di it and the next day all the girls did the same. Superficial, i might be in some ways but i am alsi humble, me expressing my anger can't be superficial, if a girl criticized for looking decent you would find it absurd and jeer at it

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    • Look, women are bitches. Treasure your good girlfriends and understand that many are backstabbing, shit talking, not to be trusted, jealous, self righteous, self entitled brats. If you pay too much attention to the negativity of others, you'll start to take that negativity into your own body. YOU KNOW you didn't do anything wrong, and that's the most important part. I'd like to say this gets better after HS, and maybe does, a little, but for the most part it's something you will deal with your entire adult life.

    • Thank you i think i need top change my mindset into not caring because all of my casting had brought my self-esteem down

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