So tonight my baby is coming over and instead of cooking a whole meal, I'm making him snacks

I now have:

- Bruchetta

- Fingerfood (cucumber & paprika)

- Tzaziki & toast

- home made kroepoek (dunno how you write thatxD)

& strawberry's and muffin's^^

Any other suggestions?:D


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  • Buy a Keilbasa link and cut into thin slices. Place in saucepan over medium heat, and cover with honey. Saute for up to ten minutes, adjusting heat at your discretion. Toss onto plate, and serve with toothpicks. Fast and very tasty. If you have the time, buy quarter sliced (lengthwise) kosher dill pickles, medium sliced deli corned beef or ham, and cream cheese. Coat ham slices thickly with cream cheese and roll around pickle slices. Set each to hold with toothpicks, and slice into bite size pieces. Serve cold. Voila


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  • Lingerie shopping... wait. How old are you?

    • 17 ;)

      But he wants to stay a virgin till marriage^^

    • Whoops sorry, thought you were older. The muffins sound good, no need for anything else. :)

  • english muffin pizzas


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  • It depends how old. Like new born I would suggest mushy stuff (sounds kind of nasty) or if he's like 1-2 like maybe a soft cake?
    Have fun with ur baby :)

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