I'm blonde, tall, and athletic and I dress sporty and tomboyish.

I'm blonde, tall, and athletic and I dress sporty and tomboyish. and I wanted to know what guys think of that because I don't dress in skirts and dresses there just not my thing. any answers? btw I'm in middle school if that helps.


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  • First off: Don't lie about your age. That is not appreciated at all and goes against the rules of the website.

    Second: As long as you are comfy don't worry about not wearing dresses and skirts. Not everyone wants to wear that stuff. We all have different styles. Yes there are guys out there that don't mind the way you dress one bit.

    • There's been a lot of people who've stated they made a mistake on the age. And once you've done it, there's no option to correct it. Would be nice if there was for some.

    • Its not about making a mistake when you're that young because it doesn't allow you to register at all if you're below 16.

    • Lie about her age? She can be 18 to 24 and in junior high. Maybe she just got held back... a lot.

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  • Then you are my kind of girl... absolutely perfect...


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  • if a guy isn't fully shallow, he judges a girl on other things besides looks

    if you're pretty, I'm sure you attract a lot of guys

    but it depends on what type of guys there are, some are willingn to get to know you for who you are and there are guys who areonly after one thing so I think that should be more of the focus/ train of thought that is more practical to take note of

  • Reality check is there for a reason. Use it.

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