Is this a good picture for advertising a pair of jeans in a magazine using sex appeal?

I'm taking a marketing class and we are supposed to create an ad to advertise something through the use of sex appeal. I chose to advertise a pair of designer jeans because clothes are the easiest to advertise through sex appeal. Do you think this is too much with the open shirt and half unzipped jeans? I mean I see stuff like this in magazines all the time but is this going too far?

I still have to crop the picture in Photoshop and add another background to it but this is pretty much what its going to look like when its finished but with a different background.

The jeans are the only thing being advertised.


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  • You should grey-scale it, it'll look more professional in my opinion. I don't think it's inappropriate or anything for the assignment. I would do a two-paneled ad. Half with the person wearing the jeans and half with a full-length picture of the jeans by themselves. And some clever, innuendo-filled one-liner extending across both panels.

    • Hmm I don't know it loses a lot of details when its greyscale. Probably because the picture quality isn't that high.

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    • Thanks for your help!

    • No prob =]

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  • I think the guy is too hairy - but the photo is good.

    • lol can't really change that easily but I think it looks better in greyscale anyway.

  • Yeah...maybe it'll look better when you change the background...I wouldn't say it's going too far...

    • Yeah I was going to make the background either a darkish abstract image or a waterfall. Any other ideas?

    • I think a dark background would be best...something plain...not too busy to distract from the jeans

    • Cool thanks!

  • As everyone knows, sex sells. So they are playing into that. Its nothing new.


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