Question about mens hair length? And what you think of it nowadays?

Ok, So over the years I have noticed that a guys hairstyle went from long to short. Back in early 1900s mens hair used to be short and then over the years and I swear like every other decade, mens hair would go from long to short short to long. I believe it was the style or something but do you see a pattern tho. I mean really? If you pulled out a picture of you grandpa and then pull out a pic of your dad (and yourself) Do you see a pattern? I kinda noticed this, I see a lot of guys nowadays with long hair whereas a few years ago the same persons head was shaved completely. What do you guys think?
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  • I think its that decade where the men are growing their hair again.
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What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah, there's certainly a fashion. Hell, every bloke I know practically has a buzz cut at the moment! xD
    I keep my hair long personally, not for style but for saving money :P

  • don't care either way, though i think long hair on a man is not wrong.


What Girls Said 3

  • I notice that short seems to be the in thing. I actually prefer guys with longer hair, something about it just seems much more...preferable really. I have always had a natural inclination to guys with longer hair.
    Nowadays, because short hair seems so common I think I'm a little bored with it. LOL. But there are guys I like with shorter hair, just longer hair is much more attractive to me. :)

  • We're entering an age where people care less and less about what other's think, and are more open than ever to doing what they really want. If it were simply a trend, we'd see one thing over another more commonly, but that's not the case. You generally see shorter hair because most employers still require that hair not the touch the collar of a man's shirt, and older men/military simply keep it cropped out of habit, an others because of the heat.

    Out of the 7 men in my circle of friends, only one of them keeps his hair really short because he's former military. Their lengths range from the shortest guy in height having hair passed his a$$, one guy down to his upper back, another guy wears an emo look, one just let it grow indefinitely until it gets in the way and they shave it near bald, one guy keeps his hair really neat and well groomed at shoulder length, the other is nick-named "caveman" for his wild mop.

  • My dad was prematurely bald. All I notice these days is guys with short hair.

    • I don't know, I've seen a lot of guys with hair down to their shoulders or longer.

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