You know how most girls have thin arms, is it a turn off when a girl has wider/bigger arms?

If you like a girl and then you notice she has rather big arms, not humongous arms but they are not small like normal girls have smaller arms. Would you still want to date this girl? Or are bigger arms on a girl a turn off for you even if you are attracted to the rest of her?

I'm not talking about girls who have very muscular big arms. I'm talking about girls who have regular arms but they are more meaty and wider than the average female who has thin small arms.
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  • I wouldn't date her (my gf better have small thin arms)
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and no guys answered the question lol

thanks girls.


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  • I always think my skinny arms that refuse to collect any fat are gross and unattractive and I'm sure there is guys who would agree with me and some who wouldn't... Don't worry about them just rock you and someone will figure out how awesome you are (and if they don't they aren't worth it cause they are blind...)

    P.S. I have never heard a guy talk about arms, it's lips, legs, breasts, butt, and heart they tend to check out ;)

    • This may be your first. :P

      I look at a woman's arms just as much as legs. The upper arms are very attractive to me, I don't know why.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I dont care at all

    • is that an honest answer? or did you read the girls' answers to answer it?

      thanks for answering (finally a guy opinion)

    • That is my honest answer, when checking out a girl im not looking at her arm size.

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  • darling, who said most girls have thin arms?:)
    i would think that as long as they dont appear 'fat' to a guy, he wouldn't mind. and even then, it really doesn't make a difference with most guys. thats probably one of the last things their eyes r paying attention to, if ya know what i mean;)

  • I have the same problem. I'm generally quite lean/curvy, but my arms are just a bit chubbier than the rest of me. I have no idea why.

    I've mentioned this strange insecurity to some of the guys I've been with/etc and they just don't get it. They didn't even notice.

    Don't worry, guys just don't care too much about that stuff unless it's obscenely noticeable.

  • Every single guy has there own personal preference of what type of guy they like. So, thin arms or thickets arms are not an issue.


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