Girls what should i wear? Because i have an important meeting?

I want to wear a pink short and white blouse and white heels and black jacket or a tight gray dress with white jacket and gray heels or jeans with black t-shirt with a pink jacket and pink flat shoes with a soft makeup ( I'm pregnant) I really need a help if anyone have another opinion it's OK she can share it here to help me and help the others.


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  • If it's a professional meeting, then I don't think shorts are a good idea at all. And the gray dress better not be too tight or show too much cleavage. Also, depending on your field, pink might not be a wise color choice.

    So in order to help you, we need more information.

    • Like what ask me anything and I'll tell you

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    • ah well, good luck then next time!

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  • I am not a fashion advisor, but before anyone can answer your question, you are going to have to be more informative. What kind of meeting? Is it a business meeting? A meeting with a counselor? A school meeting? A job interview? Each of those have different standards of dress. And if it a business meeting or an interview, the type of job makes a big difference also.

    • It's a job interview

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    • What about heels or flat shoes and i really look tired because of pregnancy I want to hide that from him

    • ah, yes, overdressing in a sense of wearing a suit and tie instead of jeans and just a shirt? Totally. But not overdressing in a sense that she should wear eye-catching colors and articles of clothing unconventional for office work.

      Seeing how you'd meet in an upscale restaurant, you'd better look "high class" as well.

      Depending on how big your belly is, and how comfortable you are with wearing heels. But if you do wear heels, again, neutral color, heels not too high. Or if you have some sleek, elegant looking flats, wear them because I think you'd feel more comfortable in them.

      About the tiredness, get enough sleep the night before, and use concealer for your dark circles. Or cold tea bags, just put them on your eyes for some time, the caffein will help reduce the sweeling of your eyes. Apply makeup to mask the tired eyes. There are tons of YouTube tutorials on that.

  • Is it a work meeting on a personal one

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    • So do u have the job or are u going to the interview too get the job?
      What is they job?
      First job ever?

    • I want to get the job because i don't work and the manager told me that we will discuss everything in a upscale restaurant

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