Do the majority guys wax/shave their body hair?

Everywhere i happen to see guys/men with perfect smooth skin with just bit of fuzz on lower legs. On the other hand i am a guy who has tons of thick carpet of hair nearly everywhere.
It makes me feel embarrassed n inferior next to them esp in locker room and beach.
Do they wax n shave their body or they are naturally blessed? Gals seem to get extremely attracted to them.
So it means majority guys do not wax/shave but are naturally blessed with very little hair. How lucky they are. Am so furry:'(


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wish more guys would, but no outside of TV and movies hardly anyone does, I don't know where you see all those hairless men?
    Sure there are some men that have naturally light or little hair. I'd guess you'd see less obvious body hair in Scandinavia than in Latin America


Most Helpful Guy

  • Blame it to girls that they want smooth skin like their own! HOW FUNNY!


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