What body frame is most attractive?

The magazines tell us girls that we've got to be tall and thin to be attractive. Is that true? Do you guys like tall and thin? Short and curvy? Busty? What body frame is most attractive and why?


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  • to me height doesn't matter but a busty, curvy hourglass always looks good

    f*** the magazines, the fashion industry is run by anorexic women and gay men neither of which is attracted to real women so how can they tell me what I'm supposed to look like?


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  • I can only speak for myself, but I really don't think in those terms. I don't think in terms of what female body type is "most attractive" or "best" or "perfect" or "ideal." I really don't. There's just too much normal variation and girls are hot and attractive with a variety of body frames.

  • For me personally the body doesn't count I look for a girls personality. I think that guys judging girls based on their body types is wrong.


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