Guys what catches your eye about a girl?

when you first me w her and what's that one little thing that she can do to stand out from the rest of them. I know smile a lot and laugh but I'm sure there's something. I really wanna get this guys attention.

girls feel free to tell me what you do to!


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  • i can't resist a girl with a beautiful face, that's definitely the first thing I notice and then comes personality and lastly the body .

    • I see this guy all the time at the store and we talk and he always looks me in the eyes the whole time we talk and smiles. I'm not sure if he has a gf. how can I ask if he wants to hangout?

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    • Is it also a good thing that when we talk he never seems to break eye contact with me and laughs at some of my stupid remarks lol.

      okay also can I just give him my number or should I make him ask for it?

    • Yeah that's a very good sign!

      offer him your number, I promise he'll take it and call you

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  • Cute smile, the way she dresses, and the way she presents herself. And last but definitely not least, her personality.

  • first things first nice face no good face whya re you talking to me

    second would be ass as a black man it's my nature to love a girl with a positively shaped booty and finally personality lol self explanatory


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