Am I done growing yet or notttt?

I'm 14, turning 15 next month. I'm 5'8" and I hate how tall I am. A lot of guys are shorter than me. And tall guys like really short girls (that's what my short friends tell me). I haven't gotten taller in a while so am I done growing? Also as you get older does your body change and stuff? Thank you


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  • You're at an age when a lot of boys haven't hit their own growth spurt so please don't worry: the boys will catch up. Also, I'm not sure why your friends tell you that tall guys lie short girls; I'm over 6' and I prefer a girl that's relatively tall. (Honestly, I find myself more attracted to taller girls than shorter girls.)

    It's possible that you may continue to grow taller, but not likely all that much more. As you age, your body will continue to change, but only up to a certain point. We all reach an age when our bodies stop growing; you'll reach that age soon!

    Until then, enjoy being tall! Know that when you walk into a room, the boys will notice you. You may like that when you get older, you know!


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  • From what I remember, I believe girls tend to finish growing height-wise between two and three years after their first menstruation. Seeing that many begin around 11 or 12-years, it would put you at about the age you'd slow in vertical growth.

    I gained perhaps another inch or two past that time, so it isn't a solid calculation.

    Our bodies and hormones definitely proceed through changes, Anonymous. It is such a broad topic that I am unsure what you're seeking. Do you have specific questions?

    I know it can be difficult, particularly in your age range, to be seen as contrast. The boys you know will all begin hitting growth spurts soon, and I predict that you won't have the issue of "a lot of guys" being shorter (as 5'8'' is a rough average height for males - at least in the US). As you grow older, height won't seem like such a large issue, to yourself, your friends, and to men.

    Attraction is not measured by how tall a person is. I wouldn't pay much mind to your friends preoccupation. 5'8'' is a stellar, elegant height!


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