Picture time! What did the hottest "one who got away" look like?

Obviously post a link of a similar person, not the actual person.
Romanian girl I knew in elementary school. She liked me. I thought she was joking. She's married now in the US. Epic fail...



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  • Is that what she seriously looked like? Damn man you lucky be happy that she was at least attracted to you. =) For me it was the Ecuadorian girl who then later had to go back to her country due to green card issues and she liked me I told the story about on GAG months ago lol. She was a perfect 10 she was attracted to me in high school and I didn't make my move cause I was too nervous and though she was fooling.

    • Ya man. She was just like the picture, but legs less skinny fat and more toned.

      Brutal story, man. Perfect 10s are special.

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