Men Pendants: Crosses Vs. Surfer stuff Vs. Arrowheads Vs. Dog tags?

What kind of pendant (if any) do you think suits a guy, and feel gives them more character or generally which seem cooler and why?
  • Crosses
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  • Surfer
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  • Arrowheads
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  • Dog tags
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  • None/Other (please specify)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • surfer and shark tooth are horrible no matter what, crosses aren't my thing, never seen an arrow head necklace, dog tags are hot if the guy is well built or is a soldier. if the guy is skinny or a wannabe gangster dog tags look really cheesy and stupid


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  • Necklaces and rings are acceptable as long as they aren't tacky, nothing too chunky and reasonably long, nothing worse than a neckla e looking like a choker. Plus I think it's only okay with casual clothes, not wearing it over a smart shirt or suit. My partner has photo engraved dog tags with a picture of me and our daughter on it.

  • I think it really depends on the guys personality and what he likes. But my personal fave is the cross.

  • Any but dog tags, unless he's actually in the service.


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