How do I look from a strangers' eyes?

How does appearance affect how people treat you? I could be doing normal things such as taking public transit, ordering a coffee or a meal at a restaurant. Just minding my own business at a library or sitting at a park bench. I tend to get a range of reactions from people. Curious stares, dudes that wanna get my attention, people subliminally making conversation about me (while occasionally glancing over at me lol-this is both men and women), people fidgeting around me, acting nervous then trying to make random conversation with me. At restaurants, recently I've gotten ignored when I'm next to order, I've reviewed orders purposefully wrong. I've gotten people who don't seem to like me instantly and try not to make contact with me (mostly women/girls). I've been in a library and the security guard (woman) bitched at me for something stupid then stood there and waited around me for awhile, which was annoying. Now I don't wear anything too extreme. I wear eye shadow and mascara. Tennis shoes. Jeans, t-shirt. But I've seen people with goth, punk, hipster, skater, hip hop, etc styles and random other styles so compared to that, I don't think I stand out much. So why do people feel threatened, intimidated, uncomfortable around me by first glance, or don't like me and are rude/mean to me! Lol I'm really curious!!! :p


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  • have trust in yourself babe! everyone has got his/her own value...and also that people's opinion differ from one another..

    • Well it seems to happen a lot. So I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    • you know babe most people most people don't really care about others' thought upon them..think you should do the same or this might cause some confidence issue..and you don't want this

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