Girls how fake is your appearance?

How fake are you?

I think we are all fake.

Do you do any of these, and which?
1-eyebrow tweezing, threading, or waxing
2-hair color or bleach or highlight
3-hair extensions
4-hair texture alteration - perm, relaxer, Japanese straighten, keratin treatment
5-any makeup applied at least once a week
6-teeth whitening
7-acrylic or gel nails
8-nail polish
9-iron or blow dry natural hair to straighter than it is, or use products or rollers or iron to make curls
10-had braces
11-had any facial plastic surgery like nose job
12-had breast augmentation or lipo-body procedures
13-fake tan

I guarantee at least all of us are a little fake. And if you've never done any of the items on this list and are female, you probably need better grooming.


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  • where are the conchita sausage guyz


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  • 1- yes
    2- yes
    3- no
    4- no, but I used to and plan on it in the future
    5- yes, everyday
    6- no
    7- no, I hate those
    8- yes, but I don't think this counts as "fakeness". What's wrong with wanting a little splash of colour or having a bit of your favourite colour on the tips of your fingers? It's not something bad!
    9- no, I don't even like blow drying my hair
    10- no
    11- no
    12- no and never will
    13- no

    The only ones warranted to make a person fake are only 11-13 and hair extensions. All other things, when done moderately, is not a bad thing and doesn't even look fake. And I'm not going to be someone who makes someone who has a deformed face and got a plastic surgery to fix it, feel horrible about people calling them "fake".


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  • None, save the odd occasion. But I do admit I will likely cave in to pressure to put on makeup when I begin to interview for jobs in a few years (currently 18).

    In my opinion, the reason why so many people resort to some level of 'fake' is due to the internalisation of 'natural' by society as something more. Even without the obvious fakery of really colourful eyeshadow and lipstick, a lot of people are so unable to discern subtle, natural-looking makeup that when regular users go without, they get comments about looking ill. It gets to the point where makeup is doesn't become a choice anymore; society necessitates a made up but not looking made up woman. (I'm really bad at being concise, sorry.)

    Anyhow, I don't look down on anyone else's decision to do this stuff, whether for self-expression, insecurity or necessity. I myself love the escapism that comes with makeup and dressing up at costume parties. I just wish it were socially acceptable to opt out, as opposed to "need[ing] better grooming", as you've put it.

  • I dont ever consider some of these things as "fake". I see it as me taking care of my self to look even better. So I don't identify with it being called fake at all.

  • 1. I tweeze.
    2. No, my hair is all natural.
    3. No, I have never had extensions.
    4. No, my hair is all natural lol
    5. Yes, mascara and mineral powder
    6. No teeth whitening.
    7. No acrylic or gel nails
    8. Yes nail polish
    9. I no longer style my hair at all. Last time I did was around Christmas. So I'm going to say no.
    10. Yes, I had braces
    11. No plastic surgery
    12. Nope
    13. No fake tan

    4/13 I am around 30% fake.

  • I'd say, i'm in the middle zone of fake:
    So i:
    1-eyebrow tweezing
    4-Sometimes i straighten/curl depends on my mood:)
    5-natural looking make-up daily for work, a bit more when i go out, and fresh faced on lazy weekends.
    8-nail polish because it makes my toes feel pretty.
    9- Isn't this the same as 4?

  • Wow if I had to do all that, I would just jump off a bridge already LOL I only do my eyebrows (tweeze) and fill them in. I also put on lipstick but that's it. I often don't blow out my hair (too lazy) but it's long and it looks fine when it dries on its own. I only blow it out and style it if I have some sort of special event going on.

    I hate fake nails. Hate foundation, so I take care of my skin.

  • 1. I tweeze them, that's about it.

    2. Yes.

    3. No. never have.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes.

    6. No, fortunately I have good teeth by nature.

    7. No.

    8. Yes, sometimes.

    9. Yes, sometimes.

    10. When I was a teen, yes.

    11. No.

    12. No.

    13. No.


    So, I do seven out of those 13 things. That makes me ~54% fake, I guess?

  • 1-yes
    5- I apply very little make up. I do stuff to bring out my eyes and hide the dark circles I get sometimes
    8- I paint my nails once a week
    9- I like to straighten and curl my hair. I do something to it everyday
    10- I had braces in middle school
    11- no
    12- no
    13- no

  • Well I kinda have to trim my eyebrows because naturally they're really bushy/thick. I do wear make-up but very natural look, I mainly wear to bring out my eyes. I do blow dry & flat iron my hair because my hair is extremely thick & curl that it's kind of something I have to do. Other than that, I got 3/13. Not bad if you ask me.

  • 1 - On occasion. My eyebrows are naturally really nice though
    2- Haven't done it in a year
    3- No
    4- No
    5- None
    6- No
    7- No
    8- No
    9- No
    10- Yes, but my teeth were like shark teeth so...
    11- No
    12- No
    13- No

    3/13 - not too shabby

  • I only tweeze my eyebrows , wax , rarely use nail polish. I stopped dying my hair. I only straighten my bangs. Minimal make up on most days but I just go with a classical office look on most days. I don't do keratine , extensions , surgeries , tan , or have acrylic nails.

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