What are some cute, easy, quick "get your hair out of your face hairstyles"?

Since I got a job at a bakery, I have to always keep my hair out of my face. I usually don't like that, no hair in my face at all. I used to have bangs, but I'm growing them out now so they're too long to let loose. I've been tying them up in a ponytail this whole time, but it's getting boring.

Aside from the braided bangs thing, i can't think of any other way to still look cute while getting your hair out of your face.

Any suggestions? Links are welcome. Oh and it has to be doable in 5 minutes or less, since I'm not a fan or intricate hair styling.


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  • Tssssj... don't try to copy but mine is mega-easy in maintenance.
    Just 1 to 1.5 cm long, straight up. Like the soldiers in the army.
    Since I've got very light hair (weight, not color) I generally need a conditioner. But still, just a 1 minute a day job.

  • I love when girls get this haircut! Makes you 50% more sexy



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  • hmm i just do ponytails and twintails, i would use some cute barettes for the front though.


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