He always glances at me...

This guy I like ALWAYS glances at me when he enters the room or when I enter the room. We've made some intense eye contact as well. There have been other things as well but I want to know if this means anything? I've walked by him then when I turn around he is glancing at me.


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  • glancing? do you mean starring?

    • Yeah and/or checking me out.

    • Ok, well, a glance is just a split second look, so if he's doing that over and over again, then I'd be concerned. staring = a long gaze.

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  • he definitely is interested in you, he might be looking for a chance to come and talk to you!

    the look back is usually an almost tell tale sign that he thinks your attractive maybe wants to get to no you. give him some opportunity and be open and smile when he looks your way it will give him more confidence to come talk to you

  • if he's staring at you, then he thinks you're nice to look at. if he's glancing at you all the time, then I think he might have a twitch or something.

    • Haha it is longing than your typical twitch :P

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