Makeup advice please!! really need it by end of tomorrow!!

so I don't use makeup much at all and I can do the basics like eyeshadow mascara eyeliner etc but I was hoping for advice for what do i need for concealer foundation in what order do i put them on what else might I need just all skin type makeup advice please :)


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  • Wash your face and dry it. Then get a face lotion and apply all over your entire face. Let it absorb.

    So take concealer and dab it. Like little polka dots. This shows where to.

    -For the eye bags area: pat it and dab it around until it blends in.

    Then if you are using liquid foundation.
    You can use these to apply
    -beauty sponge

    When I use fingers I dab a very small glob on my forehead, cheeks chin and nose. Then I blend it all out with my fingers.

    For brush:

    Powder is really easy for me
    Just put some loose poweder in the container lid. Take a fluffy brush and swirl it around in the lid. Do that until you don't see any powder left in the lid. Then tap your brush a couple of times (to get the extra powder off)

    Then your done.

    If you have face primer it is really helpful. Primer prevents your skin from flaking and your makeup stays on a lot longer.


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  • Use a liquid foundation and then a powder foundation to "set it"

    • my friend suggested a concealer stick to cover spots and then a liquid foundation over to even it all out and then a powder foundation to take away the shine-does that sound about right?

    • you'll be covered with that, I personally don't use a concealer stick, but if you have acne or dark spots it could be needed

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