the girl i love is not in a relationship.but another guy have proposed her but she has not answered to it.i am afraid to propose her cause i m fat.?

please i need help. i really love her a lot but...don't know what to do...please help me...i know she is the one...i am afraid that if i propose her in the wrong way i'll lose her friendship too...i have also prepared a card with a caption-"I LOVE YOU, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER, I WILL BE WITH YOU FOREVER, TILL THE END OF DAYS"

please advice how it is...give suggestions...i really need ur help.


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  • Well, as a women. I can tell you that if she has not answered, then she will defiantly say no. it does not matte if you are fat. If she loves you then she will say yes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, have some faith. I know that you would rather risk your friendship, then watch her get married to someone else and remain friend zoned. Take a risk


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