Is it possible & how can I tell if a guy likes both my looks and personality? ?

So far it's been one or the other and the guy only wants sex or I'm in the friendzone

I've never been called hot or sexy so maybe it's not always just sex but guys that compliment my looks never compliment my personality. And guys that compliment my personality never say I look good.

Then again I'm not sure if the compliments are normal ones they say to everyone or it's special to only me because my female friends and family give me the same looks.

Here are some of the compliments I've gotten in the past few years:
Pretty, beautiful
Nice, cool, laid back, smart


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think the compliments you have received could be a perception from the man about what you want. So if a guy thinks you want sex, he might try to jazz you up by helping you feel more sexy (and looking and feeling beautiful helps do that, hence the beautiful comments).

    Likewise, a guy thinking you are looking for a relationship centered more on personality would lay on the personality compliments.

    The divergence of comments you are receiving may be linked to the expectations you have set (or they THOUGHT you have set).

    I can't really think of any other set of circumstances that could meet the conditions of your situation.

    • Ya whenever I'm dressed up more I get appearance compliments
      My personality gets complimented more when I am dressed causal

      I guess I never realized the correlation til now because to me I'm good looking either way but more so when dressed up since I get more confident

    • Don't tempt me! ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Who cares at least the guy likes something about you!


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  • You look cute to me. Small eyes, round face, warm smile. Healthy, too. Do you eat a lot of eucalyptus? I hear it's good for the respiratory system.


    (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


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  • Well a guy that likes you for both might be one of your guy friends

  • Yas it's possible it's called having a boyfriend


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