How do I shrink women's short shorts?

is it thru the dryer or the washer i have to pairsd of urban heritage the washing tag read cold on gentle the tumble dry and iron there to big were my legs are so iam trying to shrink them how do i do that someone told me to wash in hot water and dry as long as i can how do i shrink my short shorts btw i wear womens g strings to my mom knows iam male 16 from canada iam straight i just wear the clothes because there comfy dont judge ,me because iam a size xs or 0 or 1 i found these shorts at a used clothing store but there to big how do i shrink them iam also single so yeah please help i want these short shorts to feel snug and tight thankyou


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  • wow, turn cap locks off.


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  • put it in the dryer for a long time after you dry it to shrink them.


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  • shigh...

    If it's cotton, wash them hot and dry them in the dryer longer & warmer than usual. If its some artificial fiber, nothing to do.

    And get that caps lock of!

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