Applying foundation with brush or sponge?

I've used a brush to apply my foundation since I did foundation. Im not happy with the coverage I get would it help to use a sponge ( or whatever they are called) and if so what kind?
Im using I think an eco brand brush and its the only thing I use applying foundation I dont do contouring just one kind one color.
Which leads to best coverage?
I have combination skin.
cheap products please! Things you can find in target walmart or a drugstore like walgreens
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  • Try real techniques foundation brush, it's amazing. I used to always apply my foundation with fingers, but after trying this brush wow. It's so good, they have a brush for full coverage and one for sheer coverage. I use their stippling brush for sheer coverage. It's perfect.

    • Ill be sure to try it! Do you know the range of price for it?

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    • It's Real Techniques, try to google Real techniques core collection :)

    • Lol thank you

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  • i think it depends on the product you are buying, some products you can use a sponge and like the previous comment below, it soaks up everything, while other products seamlessly blend into the skin. i typically go for my real techniques sponge myself most of the time

  • Sponges waste product. They soak up a ton and you'll go through your foundation three times as fast. Brush for sure. The only sponge that is half decent is the beauty blender type but you HAVE to wet it first or it'll just soak up foundation too.

  • I was told by a cosmetologist that applying it with a brush is better. But you should experiment and try both and see what works best for you.

  • I apply my foundation with my fingers (clean of course) by dotting it on, because I feel like it gives me the most natural finish.


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