Girls who blush a lot.. anyone?

I didn't think people can notice whenever I blush.. but turns out they do notice, they just didn't mention it till few days ago LOL

I blush all the time.. when I feel embarrassed or shy or awkward..etc etc

the other day my friend yelled "Mei... stop your impure thoughts you are blushing!! stop it!!" at the movie theatre

she was just teasing me but I was like WHATT? you can see that? really?

T_T do you know how to stop it? Should I wear thicker (?) make-up to hide it? does anyone have same problem that I have? then let's be friends haha


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have a friend who has dark skin with prominent red undertones. She blushes easily. Sometimes her whole face will get flushed. When she laughs hard or is doing something that requires physical exertion (such as dancing or running) her cheeks turn red. It is definitely noticeable.

    I've never heard of anyone covering up blushing with makeup. I'm thinking something like foundation would hide it, but you can't take my word for it because I don't blush. Honestly though, I've always thought people who blush look so cute! When my friend's face flushes she looks super cute :P


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What Guys Said 2

  • no, blushing is the cute attribute and hardly ever happen to girls nowadays. so it is nice that you do.

    yes you may feel it is embarrasing but dont worry too much about it :) it's nothing bad.

  • Don't stop it, it's cute.

    Also giggle and cover your mouth with one hand...and wear chopsticks in your hair.

    • haha thanks LOL for the record I use my pens instead of chopsticks :P

What Girls Said 1

  • I do this all the time but mostly when i get compliments. I tend to smile which shows my dimples, look away or look down and turn red. My best friend tends to love to say embarrassing things he just knows what to say so I can blush and tends to poke my dimples lol


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