"Happy Birthday to you" song for you?

I know this might sound cheesy, but I was hearing some music covers and one romantic song was dedicated to a girl. I thought if making a "Happy Birthday" song (play it with an instrument and singing it) would be "romantic" too?
Like sending it at 12 to your crush/bf/gf
Would you find it cute if your partner did this for you? Or if one of your friends that you knew had a crush on you did it on your Bday?

(physical of the crush is average maybe 7-8 rating for people who'll wonder)
Would it be "romantic" to sing/play H.B. to them (of course, if it's their BDay)?


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  • i would love that!! v

    u should do the one in madagascar bahaha

    hmmmm…. happy birthday to u
    u live in a zoo
    u look like a monkeeyyy
    aaaaaanddddd u smell like one too:)



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  • im not going to lie, i have no idea what the shit you're talking about. but go for it dude! show him/her you care. for better or worse you know theyll appreciate it!


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