How would you rate my phiscal appereace?

Would be nice to add a 1-10 to it from 1=ugly and 10= beautiful
Also tips how to improve would be nice
And also thanks for the honesty so far :)

Mainly wanna know this for vacation so feel free to criticise my body too :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Your skin isn't bad at all, so don't worry about that. Just smile in your picture, give the camera a nice look, and do something with you hair. Dressing nicely also helps. As of now, I'd give you a 6. That's still pretty good, though.

    • Thanks for the detailed answer, and i think ny smile looks stupid :p
      And i am going to get a haircut that doenst need much maintenance, becuase im kinda lazy on my look :p
      But this is also a attempt to change that :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Man I hate these questions, my friend Mauben you are as handsome and you believe you are. I say, and no homo, a solid ten from one handsome man to the next. Your fine and as far as body increase do what I do and repeat. First hit the gym as hard as you can with your own testosterone and no protein on the first 2 days. Then when you body is screaming buy a protein of your choice, get creteine I highly recommend it, get bananas and milk and blend that shit together after the gym, and before bed. Next and this is important buy 6star Test booster, it will change you in many ways than one. And don't over do the gym go 4 times a week and rest your body on rest days meaning don't do shit as far as lifting anything too heavy.
    Overall man you're the handsome young man God created in his image.

    • Haha thanks but im not asking this becuase im insecure im asking it becuase i want to know how people think about the way i look, abd secondly im a very dedicated kickboxer so doing what you suggest to do will make your muscles very big but they will lack and power/condition.
      If i would end up doing that i would give up a lot of power from my muscles for the size cuasing me to have: less impact whit my punches, hitting slower, dodging slower and weaker blocking.
      Im not going to give up what i build up on kickboxing yust for bigger muscles, they will come with time in kickboxing anyway
      I changed from a overweight (95 kg) with almost no muscle now im 80 kg and have a nice amount of muscles and that in 2 years time (the change in sport was the only change i did)
      So im expecting a more muscular body in thr coming 2 years :)
      Abd ofc thanks for the advice even though i will not use it
      And feel free to tell ypur honest opinion becuase no one is a 10, its curiosity not insecurity

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What Girls Said 5

  • I'd say a 5. Pretty average looking, which isn't a bad thing.

    • Thanks for your honesty, i would really appreciate if you would also tell where i could improve :)

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    • Thanks for the detailed comment :)

    • You're welcome. Long, wordy responses are my bad habit. Lol :)

  • 5 or 6. Im not good with rating people but you're not ugly nor the most handsome.

  • 5 or 6, could be increased with more gym time

    • Im asumming that you mean more muscle with more gym time, but i am also a kickboxer and if you train for muscle then you get slow (with hitting and dodging/blocking) so that would heavily affect my kickboxing.
      The muscle wil come slowly anyway with kickboxing
      But that for your comment and honesty

    • Yeah, that's what I meant. Not much muscle, just a litttle more. But yeah:)

    • But still the muscle will come and i whent to the gym a week straight and i already noticed that i was slower, so im avoiding the gym as much as possible :p

  • Not ugly. Not hot. Basically somewhere in betweenish. Like a 5 or 6 maybe?

    • thanks for your honesty but see anything to improve?

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    • Thanks will try that

    • No prob.

  • 5/10 pretty normal looking


What Guys Said 2

  • Hey man what's good.

    Anyways so. First and only impressions from the picture. You don't look like you're very interested in your hair. Your skin also appears to have breakouts.

    Otherwise I think you'll do fine. I don't know maybe a 7?

    Just my impression.

    • Yhea i thought it was a good idea to pop some zids before taking a picture, genius me :p
      And its true that i don't pay attention that much to my hair

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