What is a good tinted moisturizer?

I'm looking for a good tinted moisturizer or BB cream to wear this summer. I have normal to dry skin.

It could be with or without sunscreen, because I would wear a separate sunscreen on my face anyway just to be sure I have enough protection.

I don't want a CC cream or regular foundation because they have more coverage than I need. Just something fairly sheer and that comes in a very fair shade, leaving a satin or dewy finish. I don't like looking matte or powdery.

Gosh, picky much? Sorry. Thanks!


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  • I totally agree about trying Becca cosmetics. But don't forget you can buy a regular foundation and mix your sunscreen or moisturizer with it to sheer it out.

  • I use Aveeno, but my skin isn't fair so I don't know how dewy that shade is.


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